Procuring ingredients

The main ingredient for the ice cream which is the milk is procured from our own diary division at RF Enterprises, Eramaloor. This ensures that the milk is fresh and of top quality.


The milk is then put to quality analysis test for fat percentage, pH,MSNF. The other ingredients like fresh cream and butter are also procured from the diary. All the ingredients are used after standard and quality analysis. The ingredients are stored at hygienic and temperature controlled storage units.


The making of the ice cream starts with the stored ingredients being mixed in the mixing tanks in the required quantity and weight.


We have world class pasteurization plant meeting international standards. These mixed ingredients are subjected to pasteurization process. Then it is filtered to remove any harmful extraneous matters in the mix.


Ice cream mix is homogenized to decrease the milk fat globule size to form a better emulsion and contribute to a smoother, creamier ice cream. Homogenization also ensures that all the ingredients are well blended and evenly distributed in the ice cream mix before it is frozen.


The mix is then cooled by passing it through a plate heat exchanger. After cooling the mix is stored in storage tank till further processing.

Flavouring and colouring

The ice cream is mixed with various flavours and colours according to the requirement. No artificial flavours or colours are added. We use only natural flavours and substances which are not harmful for human body. These are mixed well to ensure as smooth creamier ice cream.

Ice cream making

The flavoured and coloured mix is poured into the ice cream making machine for making yummy and tasty Snowy ice creams.

Adding Fruits, Nuts

The ice cream is mixed with various fruits, nuts at this stage. Then they are put into containers and packages as desired for each product.

Quality checking

Samples are taken from each product line to ensure that they meet the world class standard of Snowy Ice creams.


The packed ice creams are stored in cold rooms maintained at -140 degrees to ensure the quality of the products.


The ice creams are then despatched to the wide network of distributors pan Kerala according to the requirement and demand.