In India, the minimum quality standards for most food products including ice cream are set by the FSSAI, the Food Safety Standards Act of India. Our ice cream plant complies with HACCP standards, which is the international standard for food safety. All the raw materials and finished goods are set to strict quality checks before reaching the market.

To maintain the international quality we comply with various international food safety directive standards. The quality and wholesomeness of Snowy ice cream is the major factor giving its competitive advantage over other brands available in the market. The company takes pride in using Quality ingredient, enabling staff to monitor quality closely and also supporting and helping the environment.

Our main aim is to give the best quality Ice cream to our consumers by ensuring the purity of ingredients. Our plant is equipped with all latest machines and technologies in hygienic environment. Being quality conscious we offer varieties of flavours and tastes. The pricing of the products is also on its real value and keeping in mind the customers preferences, choices, tastes and quality

Simply put, you can relish each mouthful of Snowy Ice cream blindly and enjoy our products without any worries.